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Fully controlled, tunable, LED lighting systems for both large and small growers.

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Over two decades of rich experience in lighting products and solutions.

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Skilled engineers adept at guiding the construction of an indoor farm.

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LED Grow Lights and Grow Tubes for home growers of cannabis.

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At Sun Spectrum, it is our focus to provide the best-in-class LED Grow Lighting products and Systems and to work with select growers where our advanced lighting technology and integrated solutions can provide mutually beneficial results.


Framed LED Grow Light Panels

Available sizes:
• 1 x 4 vertical or horizontal
• 1 x 8 vertical (great for R&L System)
• 2 x 4 horizontal - standard rack system

Power System Sun Spectrum
Remotely Controlled


Why use a centralized, remote driver system?
• Eliminate drivers and heat from the grow room.
• Reduce energy and installation costs.
• Simplify lighting control for any LED fixtures.
• Integrate GROWINSIGHT™ for remote control & monitoring.

Best in Class Lighting Automation

Rotation & Lateral System

Our Patented R&L System allows for double-sided growing and harvesting, reducing lighting costs by 50%.
• The lateral system reduces the distance of lights to plants increasing efficacy while still allowing good access to the plants for harvesting.

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A Leader in Lighting Products and Systems Since 2000



At Sun Spectrum, it is not our intent to become the largest provider of unique and sophisticated LED lighting systems for CEAs. Rather, simply said, it is our focus to become the best-in-class and work with select growers where our advanced lighting technology and integrated solutions will lead to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

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Sun Spectrum is among the leading LED Grow Light product & solutions providers.

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Vast experience in LED lighting and remote power management systems.

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