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Now you can with Sun Spectrum's 4-Circuit, Tunable LED Grow Light solutions.

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8x1 Grow Light Frame sizes
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Best-In-Class LED Grow Lights System


At Sun Spectrum, we sell fully tunable LED Grow lights for commercial indoor farms and home growers.  Control your indoor growing operation lighting using the best, tunable LED grow lights. Using our complete cloud-based system for monitoring the key variables of growing plants in conjunction with a sophisticated, cloud controlled power delivery system, we provide unique capabilities not commonly found with other vendors.

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Tunable Lighting

Tunable to virtually any light spectrum throughout the entire growing cycle.

Power Supplies

Remote power supplies situated outside the growing area not only extract heat from within the grow space but also enable remote management of the entire system.

Remote Management

Our remote cloud-based system allows remote management of the entire farm from any location.

Rotation & Lateral System

The Patented R&L System allows for alternating lighting between opposite-facing rows reducing the number of LED lights and the cost of lights by 50%.

Commercial Grow Center Lighting

LED Grow Tubes
Deep Red Tunable LED Grow Lights

HomeGrower LED Grow Light

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    The Golle Family members of Sun Spectrum Technologies have been in the lighting business for over two decades. We are committed to provided best-in-class lighting systems and solutions.

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    Sun Spectrum is a leading lighting solutions provider for the Indoor Growing industry.


    Current Rebate Program of 50% to 75% off of Total System Cost.


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