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Working with the University of Minnesota and lighting experts, Sun Spectrum Technologies has created a Tunable LED Lighting System that allows growers to “tune” to any light spectrum to meet individual plant needs. This includes everything from micro-greens to flowering plants during their entire maturity cycle.

Low Cost Lighting Solutions

Sun Spectrum lights offer an efficient, cost-effective solution that can reduce lighting expenses by up to 50%.

Wake Up Plants Faster

Sun Spectrum tunable lights expedite plant awakening in just 10 minutes, compared to the usual 30-minute duration.

Saves Energy

Saving 20 minutes of reduced energy every day for every plant can amount to a significant savings over time.

Unique Benefits of Tunable Grow Lights

Using Samsung Ag Diodes, SUN’s patented 4-circuit tunable light is capable of creating almost any spectrum needed to grow almost anything – and is controlled with a programmable IoT Digital Cloud-Based system.
• Start the early growth of each plant by dialing in more blue light early in the growth cycle.
• Gradually shift the spectrum to include more red lighting as the plant starts to mature.
• Increase far red lighting for the last 10 minutes of each day to gain larger leaves and improve taste and/or flowering.

Only Far Red
Just a small amount of Far Red will wake a plant up in 10 minutes versus the normal 30 minutes. Far-red light can also stimulate seed germination in certain plant species. Grow Center electrical savings can be significant.
Only Blue
The effect of blue light on plants is directly related to chlorophyll production. Plants that receive plenty of blue light will have strong, healthy stems and leaves enhancing their appearance and value.
Full Spectrum + “Extra” Red
As a plant matures, increasing the Red Spectrum turns a plant like basil into a deeper green improving its appearance and value. Full spectrum lighting ensures plants receive the wavelengths of light needed for photosynthesis.

Advantages of R&L System (Rotational & Lateral)

This system allows for alternating lighting between opposite-facing rows. The grow light panels rotate to light the first row, and then after 12 hours (or designated time) it rotates to light the second row while the first row is sleeping. Our R&L systems are designed to be built to the custom lengths that are needed for each grow center.

The lateral system reduces the distance of lights to plants increasing efficacy while still allowing good access to the plants for harvesting.

Dr. John Erwin, on emulating the characteristics of the Sun.

The growing of plants is truly “just science” as Dr. John Erwin, now Professor and Chair of the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture at the University of Maryland, once told me many years ago. When asked what is the best light for plants, his advice was to mimic the SUN which has successfully been growing plants for millions of years (much easier said than done). However, with Sun Spectrum Lighting Equipment and Solutions, our tunable spectrum allows a grower to mimic the ever-changing spectrum of the sun in a controlled and constant manner.